Alcohol compliance checks were conducted Oct. 5 at 38 local businesses that are licensed to sell alcohol. Out of the total, 27 retailers were found to be in compliance with state law, according to a press release from Wichita Mountains Prevention Network.
The Ardmore Police Department, Carter County Sheriff’s Office, Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission and Wichita Mountains Prevention Network coordinated the checks. Volunteers under the age of 21 posed as underage buyers and attempted to purchase alcoholic beverages.
That 71 percent compliance rate is to be expected, said Ardmore Police Capt. Keith Ingle. The routine checks usually result in comparable numbers, he said.
“It’s about average, basically, from what I recall,” Ingle said. “It’s pretty good overall, but it’s about average.”
The 11 retailers not in compliance were issued citations through district court, and there are steps businesses can take to ensure they do not get shut down, Ingle said.
The Wichita Mountains Prevention Network will offer free training classes to employees of retailers not in compliance, he said. Store owners are also typically given the chance to discipline employees before a store is shut down.
Alcohol compliance checks are conducted because they have been shown to be an effective strategy in reducing underage drinking,
according to the WMPN press release.

“Underage drinking and the sale of alcohol to minors is a serious issue in Carter County,” said WMPN Regional Prevention Coordinator Taylor High. “We would like to see a 100 percent compliance rate each time we do these checks.”