Ardmore High School cheer and pom, color guard and the Pride of Ardmore Band performed for a crowd of students and the community, sparking up school spirit at the third annual bonfire at Noble Field last night.
Quarterback Club Vice President Chris Bryant said the bonfire is another effort to bring back a sense of tradition and community.
“Several years ago it used to be very active, with a lot of community involvement, but then it just kind of dissipated, then it just stopped completely,” Bryant said. “So three years ago, we started kicking it back in through the Quarterback Club.”
Bryant said before they brought the bonfire back three years ago, it had been roughly a decade since the school held one.
“We’re trying to pass this on to future generations that are coming through and we’re going to continue,” Bryant said. “We’re all in this for the same reason.”
 The club works with the city to coordinate with police and firefighters, get necessary permits and organize the set up and breakdown of the bonfire. Student council handles the school side by coordinating with student organizations like the band, football players, cheer and pom and color guard.
Student Council sponsor Robert “Chef” McGehee said for the last two years, weather played havoc with their plans, but fortunately, this year’s bonfire went off without a hitch.
“The first time we had it, it was so hot,” McGehee said. “The next time, the wind kept changing and we got delayed because of rain, but this has been the best night so far.”
McGehee said the student council works with the Ardmore Quarterback Club.
“Student Council and Quarterback Club really want to work together to create a community pep rally,” McGehee said. “Next year, we’re hoping to have a much larger turnout. I’m wanting the whole community here.”
McGehee also organized this year’s homecoming parade, another old tradition that had waned with time before being brought back.
“I’m trying to develop school spirit, a traditional experience for our students. I want them to come to expect that every year, we’re going to have a bonfire, a parade, a huge community pep rally. And it’s not just for football, we’ll have things for fall and spring.”