It turns out lipstick on a pig can be useful under very, very specific circumstances.
Every year for Red Ribbon Week, Plainview Primary and Intermediate students participate in a canned food drive. This year, Plainview Primary Principal Lisa Moore promised the students she would kiss a pig if they managed to meet their goal of 1,000 items. When the kids collected 1452 items, Moore and Intermediate Principal Julie Altom kissed a tiny pig in front of a cafeteria full of shrieking students.
“Our Red Ribbon Week committee was trying to think of something, and we were talking about popsicles or pizza parties, stuff like that,” Counselor Blaine Coffey said. “Last year, we said ‘Oh, we’ll put a pie in Miss Moore’s face!’ and the kids were like ‘No!,’ but they loved this. They’ve been talking about it all week.”
Lisa Moore went up first. She took an informal poll to determine which lipstick she should wear, and eventually settled on pink and red.
“Boys and girls, I just want you to know that the only reason I would do this is because you worked so hard and you met your goal and exceeded it,” Moore said to the students. “The neat thing is, you’re going to be able to help a lot of people in this area.”
Michael McClendon, a Plainview High School science teacher, raises micro pigs, sometimes called “teacup pigs,” as pets. He agreed to bring his spotted teacup pig named Cow to the school.
Kids chanted “Kiss the pig!,” screamed and “aww-“ed in unison when the pig took center stage.
“He’s one of my favorites out of the babies that I have right now,” McClendon said, introducing the students to Cow. “He’s pretty calm, he’s fun to be around. They have their own personalities. There’s a lot of great things about them.”
The food collected will go to the House of Prayer food pantry in Ardmore.