A former employee of the Carter County Clerk facing charges alleging that she “secreted property valued at more than $25,000 ...” that belonged to the Carter County Clerk’s Office and took the documents with ”... the fraudulent intent to appropriate for use not authorized by owner ...”  entered a no contest plea to a reduced misdemeanor charge of officers refusal to perform official duties, according to court documents.
Becky Suzanne Wright, 56, appeared before Associate District Judge Thomas Baldwin and was sentenced to a 2-year deferred sentence with $500 fine, plus court cost, according to court documents. By avoiding the jury, Wright also avoided possible sentences of up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000, as earlier reported by The Ardmoreite.
Wright was prosecuted by Cortnie Siess, supervising assistant district attorney for Stephens County, after District Attorney Craig Ladd recused himself from the case.
The Ardmoreite reported in
September 2016, that Ladd recused himself  after Wright made allegations of misconduct against former Carter County Clerk Cynthia Harmon. At the time, Wright alleged that Harmon had altered a General Warranty Deed for the conveyance of real property prior to filing. Ladd added in a letter sent April 11, 2017 to First Assistant Attorney General Michael J. Hunter, that at the time of the allegations, Wright also claimed in a letter sent to numerous officials and entities that Harmon had “undue influence over District Attorney Craig Ladd.”
As reported by The Ardmoreite, Ladd continued in the letter that, “At roughly the same time of Mrs. Wright’s allegation against Mrs. Harmon, claims were made by Mrs. Harmon and her deputy county clerks that Mrs. Wright, while employed with the county, had committed crimes of embezzlement by her misuse of county records, resulting in Mrs. Wright’s termination. Given that I have served as legal counsel for Mrs. Harmon for more than a decade, consider Mrs. Harmon to be a personal friend, employ the spouse of the notary involved in the transaction in question, and have been accused by the complainant to being unduly influenced by Mrs. Harmon, I am requesting that, pursuant to 19 O.S. 215.9, you reassign these matters to a different District Attorney for review and appropriate action.”
As reported by The Ardmoreite in August, Wright is also the plaintiff in an ongoing civil suit against the Carter County Board of Commissioners, which alleges that Wright was wrongfully terminated from the Carter County Clerk’s office for exposing the alleged corruption of a former Carter County Clerk. The defense claims that Wright was terminated legally and that the entire lawsuit is moot, according to documents filed in the District Court of Carter County.
In December, Wright got new representation and amended her complaint.
The new complaint states that Wright informed the Carter County Sheriff, District Attorney, and FBI that the former Carter County Clerk was allegedly committing criminal acts. The plaintiff argues that in reporting these allegations she was exercising her First Amendment right, and to fire her was an infringement on her right to free speech. The defense alleges that there is no basis for Wright’s lawsuit because the county commissioners have no control over Wright’s hiring and firing.