Hunting season for deer and elk season may have started on Saturday, but you may not want to go in guns blazing just yet.  
Love County Game Warden Royce Gillham said this time every year, he and other game wardens frequently have to tell people not to shoot at targets in Love Valley Wildlife Management Area. Gillham said he confronted a group of people target shooting on Thursday.
“People go down there to shoot all the time,” Gilliam said. “I deal with this probably once a month.”
Even before opening day, Gillham said people come to the area to shoot, which can be dangerous and can result in a fine. He said it’s particular common this time of year.
“The only way you can shoot in that area is if you’re taking game,” Gillham said. “It’s for hunting purposes only and if you’re in possession of a firearm on any of our properties, you need to be in possession of a hunting license.”
Gillham said there’s no place in Love Valley to shoot legally unless someone is hunting with a license, but Hickory Creek Wildlife Management Area has an outdoor shooting range that’s free and open to the public.