Projects on county roads both in the past and future were addressed at Monday’s Carter County Commission meeting.

An agreement on the relocation of pipelines affected by the Dolese Road project near the county line was approved. Construction costs are estimated to be more than $500,000.

Carter County District 3 Commissioner Jerry Alvord said the project is getting close to completion, but various legal hoops to be jumped through have continually pushed completion to later dates, making it difficult to estimate how long the project will take.

“Some of them are being made deeper, some are going to be minimally moved,” Alvord said in regard to the pipelines. “I will say it is the gift that keeps on giving.”

Property acquisitions are completed and will allow crews right-of-access to involved areas. But Alvord said proper utility maintenance may take a while to complete. Moreover, annual state funding cuts have handicapped the progress of the Dolese Road project and other infrastructural improvements.

Commissioners estimated about $200 million in the past four years have been siphoned away from the state budget for road work.

Money for the Dolese Road project, nevertheless, has already been invested, so any further setbacks are not anticipated for the project.

“They continue to take from roads and bridges, and our projects continue to get pushed back,” Alvord said. “But I think this one is already far enough along that it won’t be pushed back.”