Carter County officials reported that they spent a total of $2,511,350 between all three districts for road and bridge improvements in 2017.
The county’s annual project report was reviewed and released in Monday’s county commission meeting, with commissioners commenting on the large amount of work carried out this year.
“There were several bridges replaced throughout the county this year,” said District 1 Commissioner Joe David McReynolds. “There were several county miles that were cut/trimmed on Carter County roadways.”
For District 1, the district of Ardmore, the largest amount of funds went toward road material like road stone, crack sealer and topsoil amounting for $739,831.05 of the total.
Yet, county projects such as Newport and Dolese Roads continue to see slow progress, said District 3 Commissioner Jerry Alvord.
As turmoil at the State Capitol over budget concerns persist, funds have often been cut from the county infrastructure budget, Alvord explained. He said this has been the pattern for about four years now.
“They even took money the year prior,” Alvord said. “They continue to take from roads and bridges, and our projects continued to get pushed back.”
Still, he and fellow commissioners hope to see progress. They said since contractors have already been paid, no further delays due to lack of funding or further paperwork are anticipated.