The homes and apartments that comprise Carter County Group Homes are all unassuming, with no obvious signs that give away their affiliation, but the organization’s quiet accommodations have quietly become jeopardized.  
For the first time since the 90s, CCGH is launching a fundraising campaign in response to cuts from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. Outside funding used to come from Jackpot Bingo in Lone Grove, which closed in August, leaving the organization looking for other sources of funding. CCGH primarily serves intellectually disabled adults, allowing them to remain independent while meeting their needs.   
“This is their home and if they keep cutting our funding, they won’t have a home,” executive director Tammy McArthur said. “If they lose their jobs, they won’t have a home. Many have lived here for 30 years and they won’t know what to do.”
Carter County Group Homes started out in 1979 by renting facilities and gradually grew until they were able to buy their own. McArthur said they plan to apply for grants, but need supplemental funding to receive them.
“We’ve been proud to do that and we’ve been self-supportive, but we can’t continue to be until we can come up with something,” McArthur said. “Until we’re certain the state can give us a steady income, we’ll have to do annual fundraising.”
Even if no more cuts come at the state level, CCGH still needs to find a way to fill the gap left behind by Jackpot Bingo. Cuts to Medicaid waiver services like the Adult In-Home Support waiver would also increase demand for organizations like CCGH.  
“They’re trying to rip it all down, rather than just use a bandaid, but it just puts so many, the ones who live at home, in jeopardy,” McArthur said. “If it goes away, families will need to put them into homes, but there are no more homes.”
To receive social security checks, many group home residents need to maintain a job. Many of them are employed through CCGH, and those that aren’t still rely on CCGH for transportation.  
“If they don’t have a shelter, they can’t thrive,” McArthur said.   
To donate, visit  http://cartercountyhome/.