Black Friday started on Thanksgiving for some shoppers and the Shops at Ardmore stayed steadily busy throughout the day, but there was thankfully no mad descent into chaos to be found.
The Wal-Mart parking lot was overflowing with cars all night as people waited in line for Black Friday deals, but the rest of the day went by without much angst for Ardmore residents looking to get a jump on their Christmas shopping and take advantage of sales.
Bath and Body Works salesperson
Tara McGill said her store opened at 5 a.m. on Friday, and had a steady stream of customers all day. She said the unseasonably nice weather probably helped draw crowds.
“It’s about the same as last year,” McGill said. “It’s busy, but it’s not crazy.”
Bath and Body Works’ sales were mostly focused on buy three, get three deals and packages with multiple items, which she said is typical.
“A lot of product leaves the store on Black Friday,” McGill said. “People buy in big increments. Our gift sets, our signature scents, that’s probably what we’re selling the most of.”
 At JCPenney, sales began at 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving. Employees left the store at 1 a.m., then returned to work Friday.
“They were lined up at 1 p.m.,” sales associate Sabrina Ayala said.
Morgan Tinnell, another salesperson, said people were after everything from clothing for themselves to appliances for everyday use as well as gifts.
“A lot of clothing, jewelry, electronics, Playstations, and air-fryers,” Morgan Tinnell said. “It’s a new product, and it’s a fryer that doesn’t use oil. It takes the place of a deep fryer.”
Christy Sauer said she and her family were taking advantage of Black Friday sales to get a headstart on Christmas shopping as well as pick up some home goods and Christmas decorations.
“We don’t usually take advantage of Black Friday,” Sauer said. “We usually just shop online, but we just thought we’d come out and see what’s up.”
Sauer’s daughter Arielle braved the late night crowds at Wal-Mart with her brother to pick up a camera and a laptop at a marked down price. She said the store was definitely crowded, but not mobbed.
“It was crazy, we had to go park at the gas station in the parking lot,” Arielle said.