It’s not often you get the chance to practice, let alone perform in front of professionals.

It’s not often you get the chance to practice, let alone perform in front of professionals.

However, the Healdton Lady Bulldogs varsity cheer squad was given a unique chance to do both during the month of November.

Head coach Robin Needham and her squad traveled to Oklahoma City, and were given the opportunity to attend a cheer and dance workshop with the OKC Thunder girls, which also brought the chance to perform at the Nov. 15 home game at Chesapeake Energy Arena where the Thunder faced the Chicago Bulls.

The journey for the Lady Bulldogs to the big city began with a simple phone call, and a simple yes.

“We were contacted by Kim Huessner, who is an account executive with the Thunder,” Needham said. “She asked if we would be interested in attending the workshop and getting to be apart of this great experience.”

“I said ‘Sign us up’,” Needham added. “This was a great experience for all of my girls. Some of them had never been to a professional basketball game before this. I’m so thankful we were asked to do this because it’s a priceless memory these girls will never forget.”

Healdton joined a total of eight squads who attended the workshop and were given the chance to show off what they had learned later that night at halftime 

“I want to become a better cheerleader/dancer than I am now so this was a great experience for me,” Bulldogs cheerleader Haley German said. “We were able to help each other out when some of us couldn’t remember a certain part of our routine, so it was a great team experience for us.”

“It was also exciting for me because I got to step out of my comfort zone,” German added. “Getting to perform in front of all those people was amazing for me.”

Fellow Lady Bulldogs cheerleader Alyssa Girty added she was nervous at first about performing, but loved the overall opportunity.

“It was a little bit scary at first,” she said. “But I loved it and it was a great team bonding experience for us all.” 

Healdton cheer will be performing at the Black and Gold Classic today.