An annual tradition grew three sizes on Friday when Take Two’s girl’s Schools and Leadership Class teamed up with Springer High School’s student council for a visit to Sunshine Adult Day Services to spread holiday cheer.
Take Two Director Lori Bell said the yearly event started as the brainchild of Springer secretary Lucy Hicks. She said Hicks started the tradition when she was a teaching artist with Take Two.
 “This will be my seventh year doing this,” Hicks said. “Originally, I’d come to Sunshine and we would do songs and learn music here. When I had the opportunity to involve students, it seemed like the very thing to do.”
When Hicks left Take Two and became the Springer secretary, it became another chance to get even more students involved.
“We’ve honored this tradition,” Bell said. “This year, we all learned the songs together. We’ve never sung them
Students made their own tacky Christmas sweaters for the occasion and passed out Christmas ornaments and decorated cards to the crowd. Together, the group sang Christmas carols. At the end of the visit, residents had a chance to meet Santa and receive gifts.  
“When Santa comes, we’ll call them up one at a time,” Bell said. “Springer made the ornaments and we made the cards.”
While the group originally planned to start singing after the cards and ornaments were passed out to all the residents, an impromptu round of “Jingle Bells” wound up kickstarting the singing a bit early.