During her time as a member of the Davis Lady Wolves softball team, Macie Buckaloo was no stranger to tough competition, or battling through immense pain.
Now a member of the Connors State College softball team, nothing has changed for the Lady Wolves standout, as she continues to press on each day and strive to be at her best.
“The first year of softball in college was definitely eye opening,” Buckaloo said. “It’s definitely more of a job than anything. Honestly though, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ve gotten to make lifelong friends here (Connors State College) and it was such an awesome yet humbling experience my first year here.”
“I’d say the biggest difference for me was definitely the dedication, and how much more serious it is than high school softball,” Buckaloo said about college softball. “You are there for a reason and the coaches are basically paying you through scholarships to be there. It was a whole other level of softball, but it was awesome nonetheless.”
During her senior year at Davis, Buckaloo showed she was more than just a softball player, she was one tough athlete.
Buckaloo played through what was diagnosed as a torn hip flexor along with a torn labrum, which she suffered during a travel ball game with the Oklahoma Force Webb in McKinney, Texas.
Despite being in constant pain, Buckaloo pressed on and eventually helped lead the Lady Wolves back to the state fast pitch tournament, but was forced to miss the slow pitch season due to surgery.
However, her fighting spirit did earn her the distinguished honor of being named the first ever Fighting Heart Award winner at the 2017 Best of the Arbuckles Preps banquet.
“My hip has definitely been an obstacle I’ve had to overcome,” Buckaloo said. “I’ve had to learn how to pitch all over again basically in order to accommodate my hip properly. It’s not the same as it was before, and it’s been a challenge to get back to my old self. But it’s showed me that if I push myself, I can overcome anything in front of me.”
Perhaps one of the more special things about getting to play at Connors State College this season for Buckaloo was the chance to go head-to-head against one of her old Davis teammates in Jolie
Romine, who is currently playing for Seminole State.
“It was very different going against Jolie since she’s my best friend,” Buckaloo said. “But it was so much fun. We’ve always had each others backs for so many years on the field so it was pretty awesome to have a special moment like that.”
“Jolie (Romine) is such a special person and athlete,” Buckaloo added. “It was so good getting to see her living the dream of playing college softball. I’m so thankful that softball has kept us together even though we’re at different schools.”
As for keeping up with her old high school program?
“Of course I keep tabs on Davis,” Buckaloo said. “It’s my home. I’ve always wanted to see the program excel even after I graduated. Coach (Tyler) Lampkin is doing a great job with the program and those girls are lucky to have him. I hope they can carry on the tradition of being Lady Wolves players and love the game of softball with all their hearts.”