A mother without a home or essentials to care for two-month-old twin babies lost her children to protective custody late last week after successive forced moves.
Department of Human Services child care workers requested police take the infants into protective custody at a local home after a conference with the mother. Officer James Bright met with the DHS at a local home where the 33-year-old mother was staying after being forced to move from the Davis home of her fiance’s father. Police were requested to stand by at the local home pending arrival of the childcare workers.
Authorities were told the mother was asked to move from the Davis home after her fiance reportedly attempted to take his life and was taken to a state mental hospital. A local friend helped her move and agreed to provide a temporary home. The mother told officials she did not have a crib or any formula for the twins as she was preparing to move in with another friend in Ardmore.
“We came to the conclusion that I needed to take the children into protective custody due to the fact that the (mother) did not have a permanent place to live and did not know where she would be staying from one day to the next,” Bright wrote in an incident report released Tuesday.
Additional information about the children was not available due to a DHS confidentiality policy and state law.