Some bad pipes are keeping four volunteers busy, but they're the only ones at Healdton's municipal pool these days.

The Healdton Municipal Pool did not open Tuesday as planned, and city officials say they are not sure when it will open.

Tuesday morning, Herb Collier, manager of Healdton Industrial Authority, said a leak was discovered last week when the pump was turned on to fill the pool.

Collier and three inmates from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections volunteered their time to work on the problem to keep costs down. The four worked 41 hours each Saturday through Monday.

When the source of the first leak was found and fixed, another leak was discovered in pipes on the west side of the pool.

“We did get the pipes on the northeast end done,” Collier said. “We will start digging at 6:30 in the morning (today) and hopefully get everything replaced and start filling the pool late tomorrow or Thursday. That is, of course, if nothing else goes wrong.”

The City of Healdton owns the pool and leases it to the Healdton Industrial Authority. Collier said the HIA received donations of almost $10,000 for work on the pool.

“We spent about $11,000 on new plumbing, a new pump and things like that,” Collier said.

“The community day planned for Saturday may not happen if we can not fix the leak quickly.”

Sheila J. Robinson, 221-6536