Residents in owner-occupied home sites can request a tree through the Ardmore Tree Board or the Ardmore Beautification Council, who sponsor the program. Applications will be accepted throughout the year with a maximum of 30 trees available.

Ardmore Neighborwoods is a program designed to replant trees and beautify the community. 

“Trees in this program will not arrive for planting until February or March 2009,” said R.C. Sandvick, tree board chairman. “Trees are offered on a first-come basis, one tree per household per year. Water Oak, Bald Cypress, Shumard Oak, Chinese Pistache, Sugar Maple, Dogwood, Japanese Maple, and Redbud trees are the species, depending upon availability from growers. All are suitable for our climate at a fraction of their regular cost.”

Due to the increasing popularity of this program, those interested are encouraged to get their request in early. A waiting list is anticipated.

Applicants are required to:
* Pay a $25 tree fee
* Attend a tree-care workshop facilitated by the Ardmore Tree Board, prior to receiving their tree
* Plant and water the tree in their front or back yard
* Provide general upkeep

Once applications are received, and planting locations verified as suitable, applications will be approved.

“All front and side-yard tree planting must be approved by the City of Ardmore,” said Norma Lynne Paschall, ABC executive director.

“They make sure no new trees are planted in the city right-of-way before agreeing to the planting site.”

The Ardmore Tree Board will continue to observe new plantings for the first year, check on the health of the tree and assist the homeowner with useful recommendations as requested. Application are available at the brochure rack by the information desk at City Hall, 23 S. Washington St., on the ABC website or at the ABC office, 333 W. Main St., Suite 230. For questions about the program call (580) 223-2230.