Six consecutive years.

Six consecutive years.

That’s how long the Lone Grove cheerleading squad has been the champion of Football Saturday, the annual football pep rally event held at Heritage Hall.

Lone Grove, which collected $1,750 from the event, edged Pauls Valley ($750) 219 points to 216 to win the contest for the sixth straight time. Sulphur was third and received $500. Each school that participated received at least $300.

Category awards were presented, including outstanding crowd support (Lone Grove), best band performance (Dickson), best section decoration (Sulphur) and best cheerleading performance (Pauls Valley).

Lone Grove also placed first in the Change for Schools competition, a contest to see which school could raise the most pocket change. Fox and Healdton placed second and third, respectively.

Chris Mashore of Plainview won the Beef Bowl, eating a 40-pound steak in less than 6 minutes.

His victory earned Plainview $500. A student from Healdton came in second and pocketed $200 for his school.

Ardmore, Plainview, Dickson, Lone Grove, Healdton, Fox, Sulphur, Davis and Pauls Valley participated.