Take a kid out to a ballgame, or any kind of sporting event for a lot of reasons.

Take a kid out to a ballgame, or any kind of sporting event for a lot of reasons.

Wherever you go, the home team could really use your support at a time like this.

When you go to a football game, not only do you get a lot like music, pageantry, and oh, yeah, football itself, you give a lot.

Ardmore co-athletic director Harold Brown gave me some startling numbers on the cost of fuel for school transportation. He said the school   transportation fuel expense was approximately $59,000 in 2006-07, compared to $153,000 for last school season, and the athletic department has to plan accordingly.

The high school cross country team, which Brown helps coach, spent last Saturday at a cross country practice meet in Madill instead of going to one in Lawton. Many other athletic teams, not just at Ardmore, may face a similar situation and will have to look for nonconference competition near their own backyards.

Hey, at least Ardmore isn’t facing lengthy trips to Altus and Lawton, three of them to Lawton, Brown reminded me ‹ for basketball, anymore. But the softball team recently had to visit Perry for a tournament, meaning the cost of hotel rooms cutting into the athletic budget.

Brown estimated 70-75 percent of the budget is football revenue and 15 percent is returns from basketball. Speaking of hoops, Ardmore athletics plans on having the boys and girls middle school teams ride on one bus for trips.

Parents, don’t worry about what might happen on the bus.

“We’ll have extra coaches there for supervision,” he said. “In fact, the buses are equipped with cameras for supervision, and they work best at night.”

Every dollar going into a high school football game goes a long way toward other programs in athletics. First-year Ardmore coach Larry McBroom isn’t stressing this as well just because he’s the head football coach. He’s a co-athletic director.

“Just as important as generating revenue is showing support for the kids, the band that works so hard, the drill team, the cheerleaders, the football players, the trainers, everybody who works so hard to do something positive,” he said.

McBroom didn’t have to deal with long travel much at his last stop, Carrollton (Texas) R.L. Turner. In fact, he said his longest road trip was 30 minutes.

But his district games with Ardmore will be a few times longer, giving budgeting a challenge.

“It’s just a situation we’ll all deal with, and maybe we’ll all come out of it without it being too much of a financial burden,” he said.

Well, his football games will help a lot.

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