Many people believe they have had angels watching over them. One local resident knows it.

Many people believe they have had angels watching over them. One local resident knows it.

Lying face-down on the floor of her trailer home, Ruby Bogges’ had no any way to free herself from under a pile of rubble.

“I couldn’t move. I just couldn’t move,” said Bogges. “I could not even move my head to the left or to the right.”

Little did she realize she had a guardian angel watching over her.

Directly underneath the 68-year-old woman was a plastic fan. And she’d just had heart surgery last year.

“It’s not completely healed over,” she said, adding that the pressure to her chest was also drowning out her desperate calls for help.

“I heard everybody hollering; I started hollering back at them,” she said. “I would try to call out so they could try to hear me.”

But they didn’t. With almost no hope left Bogges didn’t lose faith. Instead, she raised her voice again but to a very different tune. 

“I was just singing hymns. I couldn’t tell you exactly what, I was just praising God,” said Bogges. “It was when they heard me singing that they found me.”

Bogges continued to sing for about two hours as rescuers dug through the remains of her mobile home parked on 8343 Brock Road. But her and her husband survived with only minor scrapes, scratches and bruises.

The tornado that ripped through southern Oklahoma about two weeks ago at 170 mph tore through Bogges’ belongings and destroyed her home.

Amist all the rubble stood a symbol of peace and protection. A ceramic angel had been lodged into a tree a few feet away from where Bogges was found.

“I mean the tree was split open and that angel was wedged in there,” said Ricky Beane, a volunteer at the Lone Grove Assembly of God Church, who served as head of the cleanup of Bogges’ home. “I just think about the Lord and how he could come through in a mass destruction like that (and protect) two people’s lives.”

Beane stood in awe, along with several workers, who shared in witnessing the scene of a miracle, he said. 

“People just need help. Somebody to take care of them. Just step in, you know what I mean,” said Beane. “It’s pretty amazing that the two people lived through it and that the angel was left in the tree to guard over them.”

Volunteers from the several churches who saw the ceramic angle stopped and said a prayer.

“At that time just about everybody at the work site stopped working and we just gathered around that and looked at the angel,” said Terry Myer, a disaster coordinator for the United Methodist Church. “Everybody just thought this was a sign just validating the work that we were doing.”

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