Reece Riggle hit 3-point baskets, while Chris Ryan and Justin Walker pounded the boards and pounded in layups.

Reece Riggle hit 3-point baskets, while Chris Ryan and Justin Walker pounded the boards and pounded in layups.

That’s much of what Dickson did Tuesday night.

Riggle’s 16 points, Ryan’s 14 and Walker’s 12 helped the Comets take a 54-44 win over Davis in a Lake Country Conference tilt. Riggle hit four 3-point baskets, while Walker stepped up for one of his best games of the season.

Then, there was the defense.

“We put an emphasis in the second half of the season on defense,” Dickson coach Chuck Ryan said.

Ryan said Walker has battled back from an ankle injury to start the season, adding, “All he knows to do is work hard.”

Ryan’s younger brother sure enjoyed Walker’s help.

“We have a good 1-2 punch,” Chris Ryan said. “It’s good to have someone share the load with you.”

Defensively, Dickson (10-6, 3-0 LCC) succeeded at limiting Davis’ leading scorer, senior shooting guard Grant Hetherington, to a season-low 11 points. But sophomores Chance Griffin and Cole Weber netted 13 and 11, respectively.

Hetherington scored eight straight Wolves points in the first period, helping them take a 13-8 lead through one period. Within the first minute of the second period, he hurt his leg on a collision while driving to the basket and sat out for about 3 minutes.

He didn’t score again until hitting a 3 with 5:46 left in the game.

“When the ball finds his hands, good things happen,” Chuck Ryan said.

Davis’ biggest lead was 16-10, and the Wolves (9-6, 2-1) were ahead 28-25 at halftime. But Dickson started the second half with a 6-0 run in the first 1:24.

Two layups by Walker and a long 2-ball by Riggle gave Dickson a 28-25 lead. Chance Griffin came back with a 3-point play and a layup — splitting a triple-team in the process — to put Davis back on top.

The Wolves had a pair of lengthy field-goal droughts in the second half — a 6-minute, 44-second spell going into the fourth after scoring seven unanswered points , and the final 4:30 of the game in which they managed a free throw.

“It was the worst shooting game we had all year,” Davis coach David Griffin said, noting the Wolves’ missed short-range shots. “We got out-bigged inside.”

That’s what Dickson’s 1-2 inside punch can do.

“We really had to lock up the paint,” Chris Ryan said.

The final margin was Dickson’s largest lead of the game.

I.C. Murrell