* Background

Ardmore Middle School math teacher Linda Schroder was named the district’s teacher of the year Tuesday.


* Background


Ardmore Middle School math teacher Linda Schroder was named the district’s teacher of the year Tuesday.


“Ardmore City Schools is a wonderful place to work because of the diversity of the students and I couldn’t be more honored if I had won a Golden Globe or an Emmy,”


Schroder said.
Schroder grew up in Plainview, Texas, and graduated from Lubbock Christian University. She taught eighth-grade language arts in Texas before moving to Ardmore


where she has taught math for 10 years.


During her teaching career, Schroder has taught all even grade levels.


“Because of my teaching all even grades, I know what they need to know when they come to me and what they need to know to go on,” Schroder said.

* Teaching philosophy


Schroder is known as a stern teacher.


“I don’t want to cheat any of them out of an education, so I don’t want distractions. I expect them to be respectful,” Schroder said.


She does this by developing a rapport with her students.


“I shake all of their hands every day as they walk into class. I want them to know that someone cares about them, not only their education, but them as a person,” Schroder said.


However, this doesn’t stop her from adding some fun to her lessons.


“I use anything I can pull out of my bag of tricks to make math fun,” she said.

* Students


Schroder currently teaches sixth- and seventh-grade advanced math classes.


“It’s just an awesome profession. The students make it rewarding with their love for me and my love for them,” Schroder said.


Here is what some of her students had to say:


* “She’s just awesome because she doesn’t make us do just book work. She let’s us work with other people,” seventh-grader Morgan Stewart said.


* “She makes us laugh a lot. She makes math fun,” sixth-grader Reghan Wilson said.


* “She does fun activities in math like cross multiplications, which are hands-on equations. It involves thinking in a fun way, and you win prizes,” seventh-grader Samuel Eubanks said.

* Outside the classroom


She and her husband Emil have two adult children and two grandsons.


“My spare time is spent with my kids,” Schroder said.


She and her family enjoy travelling and have been to Europe, Mexico and Yellowstone National Park.


“We just travel and spend time together. We laugh and giggle and eat a lot,” Schroder said.


Their travels have included various places in the United States and other countries.


“My favorite is Mexico because although Europe was beautiful, Mexico was so relaxing,” she said.