Pumpkins came alive for Dickson Lower Elementary kindergartners in Lori Hillis’ class this week.

Pumpkins came alive for Dickson Lower Elementary kindergartners in Lori Hillis’ class this week.


On Monday, the class visited the Brown Ranch pumpkin patch and decorated jack-o’-lantern shirts. On Tuesday, they carved a jack-o’-lantern out of a pumpkin they had picked out and learned the parts of the pumpkin.


“I hope they had lots of fun and learned something about how pumpkins grow,” Hillis said.


Students were opinionated about the pulp, with many enjoying the feel of it.


“I like the slimy stuff because it’s gooey,” Dale Turner said.


However, most of the kindergartners did not enjoy the pulp’s smell.


“I didn’t like the slimy stuff because it was shoo-wee,” Nathan Dill said.


Those who liked it said it was because of its pungent smell.


“I liked the smell because it’s nasty,” Mark Walker said.


Students learned that they had to go through the slime in order to get the seeds.


“To get the seeds, you just grab a handful, and there is slime that I thought was nasty,” Hannah Roberson said.


Seeds were thought to be a lot more useful than the pulp.


“I like the seeds because I like to plant them,” Amber Presley said.


“I like the seeds. I like to cook them and eat them. I put some salt on them,” Colby Roberson said.


Yet, the seeds are not the only favorite food that comes from pumpkins.


“We can make a pumpkin pie and put a cherry on top,” Richelle Wise said.


“We can make pumpkin bread like sometimes I see at Walmart,” Noah Harris said.


Just as importantly, the students made a jack-o’-lantern out of their pumpkin.


“I like pumpkins because you can make a jack-o’-lantern,” Kamden Richardson said. “The face has to be scary because it’s Halloween, and they are supposed to be scary.”


The teeth made the kindergartners’ pumpkin particularly frightening.


“We carved a face,” Payton Henry said. “It’s scary because of the mouth. It has sharp teeth.”


A candle completed the terrifying decoration.


“With the candle, it looked scary,” Noah Harris said.


Crafty students also enjoyed making jack-o’-lantern shirts.


“We tie-dyed the shirts, and it was fun,” Makenna Day said.