The sound of bells can now be heard at Charles Evans Elementary.

The sound of bells can now be heard at Charles Evans Elementary.


Music teachers Patti Green and Paula Brinkley have reformed the school’s bell chime choir.


“Not every child has a wonderful voice and is meant to sing. We want to give kids other musical venues,” Green said.


The students appreciate the opportunity.


“It’s cool because you get to do an instrument instead of singing,” fifth-grader Lola Watkins said.


“It’s a new experience with bells and the lovely music they make,” fourth-grader Clayton Dorris said.


The choir will be performing at the Ardmore All-Schools Christmas Program.


“It’s like bing, bing, and we get to be in the Christmas program and play our bells,” fourth-grader Bransen Kent said.


The choir practices each week in preparation for the performance.


“You get to ding a bell on your color,” fifth-grader Bettie Caldwell said.


Some students have personal connections that inspired them to join the bell choir.


“My sister played them, and I want to play them,” fourth-grader Onesty Piggee said.


“I like bells because I play them at church and like the way they sound,” fourth-grader Trevor Minarik said.


Others appreciate the new challenge presented by the bells.


“It’s hard because it’s new to me,” fourth-grader Coby Tadlock said.


“I like bell choir because I get to ring the bells. I like the noise,” fifth-grader Alexus Pettit said.


Jennifer Lindsey