Authorities are investigating the origin of a house fire, which occurred Tuesday night.

Authorities are investigating the origin of a house fire, which occurred Tuesday night.


Wilson Police Chief Felix Hernandez said arson appears to be the cause of a fire at 193 14th Street. No one was injured during the fire as Brian Kennedy and his wife were not home at the time. The fire also destroyed a camping trailer parked next to the residence.


Adding to authorities suspicions is a fire at the residence in January that was also a case of arson. During that fire, flammable liquid was poured on the side of the house and set on fire. There also appears to have been another arson attempt recently on Kennedy’s house. Wilson Police Officer Stephen Holland said Kennedy had told him someone attempted to “firebomb” his house in August.


“Someone had stolen a rifle that belonged to his cousin and a motorcycle,” Holland said. “We recovered a magazine that belonged to the rifle and tested it for fingerprints. We didn’t get any and I returned the magazine to him, thinking he could get it back to his cousin.


“After we talked about the stolen items he said ‘I am not the one that usually runs to the law about everything but 1 ½ to 2 weeks ago, someone tried to firebomb my house.’ When I asked him why he didn’t report it, he said it wouldn’t do any good.”


Tuesday night’s fire began at 10:18 with people in the area reporting an explosion. Ammunition was in the house and complicated firefighter’s efforts to put it out.


“It took us three hours to put it out,” Wilson Fire Chief Jeff Stearns said. “The house was fully engulfed when we got there and we had some issues with ammunition going off so we couldn’t get close. It was a little different. With explosions and shells going off, we just had to back off. We didn’t want to take a chance on someone getting hurt.”


Hernandez said Oklahoma State Fire Marshall Judah Sheppard was in Wilson on Wednesday investigating the fire as authorities began work to determine who might have set the fire.


“We don’t have any suspects right now,” Hernandez said. “We are checking with different people that saw the flames and trying to develop leads right now.”