The city recently received an offer it could not refuse when Landmark Bank offered to renovate the exterior of the Fullerton Park water tank. In exchange for the pricey endeavor, Landmark received the right to place its logo alongside the Davis Wolves logo on the tower.

As part of the renovations taking place, the city council entered into a loan agreement during its meeting Monday night for interior improvements on the tower. City Manager Roger Pulley said the council looked at three loan quotes and entered into a loan agreement with First National Bank for $60,500.

The Davis Fire Department received good news as the council entered into a contract with the Southern Oklahoma Development Authority to accept a grant of $34,418 for a self-contained breathing apparatus bottle refill station.

"It is nice to have," Pulley said. "I know when I was involved with a fire department years ago, it was handy to have it around to refill it at our own place."

The department has refilled its bottles at other departments and had no problems, but Pulley said there would be a convenience factor involved which would pay dividends in the event of a large fire.

In other city actions:

The council will allow 3D geophysical surveying on Cross Bar Ranch Property pending approval from the city attorney. The city does not own the mineral rights on the property.

The council will begin looking at the possibility of a cemetery addition and will have Pulley explore the costs of surveying city-owned property.

The council approved annual employee Christmas bonuses. The bonuses will be paid on a staggered basis based on longevity of employment.