In the new year, Ardmore Public Library patrons will find books in new places as the library completes a shift­ing and weeding project in the adult section.

“The shelves are tidier. It’s a more logical layout with more room for things that are heavi­ly used,” said Assistant Library Director Lynnette Haggerty.

Beginning a couple months ago, library staff began the process. They weeded out adult nonfiction books.

“We had books that had not been used for years, either out-of-date or not checked out,” Haggerty said.

Books that are weeded out are put in the standing book sale, so patrons can purchase them.

Now, all the non-fiction books will fit in the row of shelves along the east wall.

Fiction books are weeded out about once a year.

“It’s pretty full and no way to get rid of it,” Haggerty said.

The fiction section had shelves that snaked around when going through the books in order. Now, patrons will be able to walk the shelves in just one direction.

Books in Spanish have been moved out of the alcove on the east side to a shelf near the center of the library.

"We would also like to spruce up the collection," Haggerty said. "We want to buy books people will use." The large print section has nearly doubled in size.

Biographies also now have a prominent location at the end of the fiction books.

"The entire adult section has been moved around," Haggerty said.

Haggerty said she hopes the process will be completed by the end of January.

"I do feel bad for our regular users who could go to a spot and know where the books were," Haggerty said.