OKLAHOMA CITY — The state's leading farm organization supports Congress' vote extending the farm bill.
"Extending the current farm bill is good for agriculture and for consumers," said Oklahoma Farm Bureau President Mike Spradling.
While pleased with Congress' New Years Day vote, the Sand Springs, Okla., farm leader voiced support for continued efforts on a new, five-year farm bill.
"We would prefer a new farm bill, one that provides a strong safety net for farm income using a combination of crop insurance, a revenue assurance program and price protection," Spradling said.
Spradling praised the entire Oklahoma delegation, both House and Senate, for their tireless efforts to protect the nation's agricultural industry.
"We understand this is the best deal possible under the current circumstances," Spradling said. "We want to acknowledge their support for agriculture and rural Oklahoma."
At the same time, Spradling singled out Rep. Frank Lucas, R-Okla., for his leadership during this stressful time.
"Congressman Lucas, as Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, has consistently been a strong voice for agriculture," Spradling said.
Spradling is confident there is still a possibility for passing a new farm bill in 2013.