BURNEYVILLE — Science and math are becoming hands-on for Turner students due to a grant from the Jerome Westheimer Family Foundation.

Teacher Randi McCann is coordinating the $10,000 grant purchases related to science and math activities. She is arranging the materials into kits that teachers of any grade level will be able to checkout and use with students.
Kits include supplies and teacher manuals for building items like a toothpick bridge, trebuchet, kites and straw rockets. There are also kits called "STEM in the Gym," which feature activities involving scooters and pulleys.

"I tried to cover all areas," McCann said. "There are things where teachers in different grades can use the same kit but use it in a different way for the students they have."

Both kindergarten classes have already received Lego tables, which are utilized during the classes' rotating station time. The tables are a favorite among the young students who enjoy the opportunity to show their creativity while learning basic shapes and colors.

"It's fun because we get to build stuff like towers," said kindergartner Gage Westfall.

Kindergartner Kaylee Taylor demonstrated this by creating a building with a Lego person outside on a motorcycle.
"He's a bad guy trying to break into the building. He rides things and is sneaky. Then he goes to jail," she said as she put mini-handcuffs on the crook.

The district has also received grant funding for motivational things, such as speakers and field trips. Field trips so far have included fine art classes and plays.

"We have earned the opportunity for field trips that we would never have been able to afford otherwise," said Superintendent Leslie Christian. "Mr. Westheimer has rained blessings on us."