After a long back-and-forth competition at Jefferson Elementary, the Regional Spelling Bee ended the same as last year, with reigning champion Hannah Chen repeating her victory and Bertina Charles coming in as runner up.
Both girls will advance to the state bee at the University of Oklahoma in March.
Chen, a student at Ardmore Middle School, won by spelling the words specious (having a false look of truth) and sartorial (related to tailored clothes).
"I had never heard of them before," Chen said. "I just think of the words I've heard before and think what it sounds like."
Chen studies lists given to her by her school librarian and language arts teacher. Last year, she reached the fifth round of the state bee.
However, experience is not a cure for stage fright.
"It's kind of scary," Charles said. "I just try to calm myself down."
Charles, who attends Charles Evans Elementary, said she likes to study using the website Spell It! and by reviewing previous bee word lists.
Third place went to Aaron Henniger from Charles Evans.
Other contestants were Brandon Bailey and Braiden Lee from Jefferson Elementary, Brandon Robbins and Daisy Laws from Madill Middle School, Bella Ngo and Angela Sharma from Plainview Middle School, Shon Lee and Mason Lords from Plainview Intermediate School, Logan Thompson and Joshua Cajina from Lincoln Elementary, Sheryl McLean and Anna Quesada from Ardmore Christian School and Nathan McElhiney from Ardmore Middle School.