The highly acclaimed Noble Foundation's Pro­files and Perspectives Com­munity Enrichment Series will return Thursday night and promises to once again fill the seats.

Wyman Meinzer, self-taught plains his­torian and profession­al photog­rapher will open the spring ses­sion by de­tailing the history of the famed Wag­goner Ranch. The ranch was established in 1849 by Dan Waggoner and has the most contiguous acres un­der one fence in America.

The presentation, "Un­der One Fence: the Wag­goner Ranch Legacy," will begin at 7 p.m. at the Ard­more Convention Center. The event is free of charge to the public.

Meinzer is described as having the eye of a 19th­century Impressionist painter and the soul of a buffalo hunter. He has photographed and writ­ten 25 photography books and his images have ap­peared in Smithsonian, Time, Field and Stream and Newsweek among others. He will draw upon his photography, research and personal encounters to chronicle how the Waggoner Ranch began with six horses and 249 longhorns and has grown into a massive 525,000 acres and 12,000 head of cattle.

"The Waggoner Ranch is an American legacy," Mary Kate Wilson, Noble Foundation director of granting and chair of the Profiles and Perspectives Committee, said. "Mr. Meinzer's presentation will detail the rich heritage of this amazing ranch and inspire the audience with the people who have served as its stewards for more than 150 years."