When the filing period for municipal government elections came to a close Wednesday, there were a number of seats that re­mained vacant.

Helen McReynolds, Carter County Election Board Secre­tar y, said nobody filed for Dick­son's openings for Seat 2 and Seat 4. The City of Wilson also had a vacancy in Ward 4. Incum­bents Ronald D. Alexander and Juanita Segroves took Wards 2 and 3 without opposition.

Richard J. Wright took a term for four-year trustee unopposed but another seat went through the filing period without draw­ing interest.

In Healdton, incumbents Ricky Lee Pender and Danny Veal will return to the council to represent Wards 3 and 4. Joyce South and Terri R. Gilio filed for terms of four-year trustee in Springer. Heather Shelley claimed the office of clerk/trea­surer and Glenn Bond was un­opposed for a two-year term as a trustee.