Winter time heating costs can give you the blues but AARP can help ease the pain of high utility bills with a new blog that will give ideas to make homes more energy efficient.

AARP volunteer Johnathan Majid will share helpful suggestions on how to lower utility bills by making simple, inexpensive changes to the home. Johnathan’s first blog focuses on easy things. The blog can be found at:

“Winter in Oklahoma is not over yet,” Majid said. “We want to keep our homes comfortable and warm and at the same time not pay high heating bills.”

Majid, who is a licensed architect, has taught classes and seminars on home energy efficiency at Oklahoma State University and served on Governor George Nigh’s building energy committee. He started his own architecture firm as well as a design and construction company both focusing on energy efficient building.

“I would like to share my experience in energy efficient building design and construction so we can lower our energy bills and have a positive impact on the environment,” Majid said.

“Even though we’ve had a relatively mild winter so far, there have been cold snaps that have caused us to turn up the thermostat,” said AARP State President Marjorie Lyons. “Every time we raise the thermostat, we raise our utility bill so Johnathan’s advice will be very helpful particularly to older Oklahomans who are on fixed incomes.”

According to a report released in January by the AARP Public Policy Institute, heating costs for older consumers in Oklahoma are expected to be slightly higher this winter than last year.