Most folks looking to make Valentine’s Day plans have likely already done so. But the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry said for those looking for a unique dating opportunity later this spring, Saturday, April 27 is the date to remember. This event centers around an unusual date activity: pulling weeds.

Like with most dates, the setting for this event is one of the most important components. It’s also what makes this event unlike many others. Jag Sodhi owns and operates Lavender Valley Acres near Apache in Caddo County. After reading about similar events in other states, Sodhi decided to host a weed dating event.

The event is designed like speed dating where participants exchange a series of brief conversations in rapid succession as partners rotate. With weed dating the rapid introductions takes place on the farm while singles toil together in the outdoor lavender garden. Participants are paired together throughout the garden after some instruction for differentiating a weed from a lavender plant. The idea is to create a casual environment for participants to get to know one another while working together.

The event runs 1 to 5 p.m. and is entirely free. Participants will also receive an additional 10 percent discount on items in the onsite gift shop and on lavender plants in Lavender Valley Acres’ state certified nursery.

To learn more about Lavender Valley Acres and the weed dating event, visit or call (580) 588-2855.