NEW YORK (AP) — How do you stay in love? These couples, who've been married for long periods of time, share their tips to staying together for so long.

Murray and Esther Redlitz, married 66 years
"You've got to know each other for a while and then compromise," says Murray. "Think what the other thinks. Don't be selfish."

David and Faina Shamrakov, married 58 years
"We have the same interests — we worked together, we both like to read books, we go to the library, the cinema, the theater," says Faina. "We do everything together."

Fortuno and Maddalena Corso, married 72 years
"You don't go to bed mad," says the couple's daughter, Madeline Corso, recalling her father's advice. "That's what he believes in."

Marty and Jamie Markowitz, organizers of the party, married 13 years
"Here's the secret: Happy wife, happy life. It's as simple as that. That's it," says Marty. "There's nothing more. ... It's as simple as that. It makes your life so much better if they're happy."