HFV Wilson Director Kurt Lemley expected a couple hundred people to take part in Saturday's inaugural Color Run.

It wasn't long before those were met.

All told, more than 900 people showed up for the colorful event, despite colder weather and the chance for some rain.

"It was almost funny how many people we planned for and how many registered," Lemley said. "It far exceeded what we thought we would have."

With a week of registration left, Lemley saw that more than 230 people had already registered.

"I said we gotta secure some more sponsors, some more money for this event because if we've already got that many, it's going to be crazy," he said.

And crazy it was. Volunteers stood along the run route tossing handfuls of colored powder on runners as they ran past. Many of the volunteers, Lemley said, had more color on them than the runners.

"It's funny, it kinda looked like a war scene, except everyone was covered in these different colors," he said. "The wind would blow and blow the color right back on them."

In the end, a little over 950 pounds of the colored powders was used for the run.

But the most important number was the money raised.

"We raised a little over $15,000 for the (HFV Wilson) Center," Lemley said.

Again, expectations were exceeded by a long shot.

"We learned a lot this year," he said. "It was the funnest, most hilarious thing I've ever seen, and next year our goal will be 1,000 people."