Boys and Girls Club of Carter County celebrated National Boys and Girls Club Week Wednesday with magic.

Illusionist David Corn presented Magic and Morality, a show featuring tricks and a moral message for youth, in the Wilson Teen Town.

"It makes me want to go to school and show people magic," said Wilson fifth-grader Jacob Newby.

Corn spoke to the children about respect and demonstrated the difference between respectful and obedient, stressing the need for students to be both.

"It was good because everybody learned, and he was funny," said Wilson fifth-grader Garrett McMahan.

Using the situation of playing the Wii and being called to dinner by a parent, Corn kept the children enraptured by his message.

"It was pretty good because he got all the acting right playing the Wii," said Wilson fourth-grader Elijah Forsythe.

Corn's tricks included objects disappearing, reappearing in other spots and changing colors.

Zaneis third-grader Abi Faught enjoyed a trick that had a handkerchief disappearing inside an egg, only to have the hollowed-out egg then become a real egg.

"It was cool because he peeled off the sticker with the handkerchief still in it, then it was a real egg," she said.

Corn also did a trick changing the length of ropes and breaking and joining the ropes together.

"There were three ropes, then one, then two, then three again," said Wilson fifth-grader David Scheffler. "I tested the ropes before he did it. I pulled on it and stuck my finger in the end. Nothing was in there."

Wilson third-grader Josh Grace wrote his name on a piece of paper that Corn managed to pull out of a kiwi.

"I was watching him the whole time, but it was weird and kind of scary that it did it. It makes you think there are really wizards," Grace said.

Corn will also be performing a free show at 7 p.m. tonight in the Healdton Armory.