All Dickson Public Schools were evacuated after a bomb threat was discovered Monday after­noon.

According to Superin­tendent Sherry Howe, a threat was written inside a bathroom. School offi­cials immediately notified authorities and evacuated. Bomb dogs were called, but were not needed as the suspects were identi­fied based on surveillance camera footage.

“Three juveniles were involved, and a confession was made. It was a hoax. They got the idea when a neighboring school had a bomb threat and, accord­ing to them, the culprit was uncaught,” Howe said.

Parents received mes­sages throughout the day informing them of the situation.

“With the surveillance cameras and the quick re­sponse of our team, one student confessed, which assured us of the safety of our students,” Howe said.

Dickson Police respond­ed to the school’s call and were aided by Dickson Fire Department, Carter County Sheriff’s Depart­ment and Chickasaw Na­tion Lighthorse Police.

“The individuals in­volved will receive harsh and swift consequences,” Howe said. “I thank the responding authorities in handling this matter.” Many parents picked up their children early, cre­ating a traffic jam at the corner of U.S. Highway 177 and State Highway 199.

Classes will return to their normal schedule to­day.

“In light of recent cir­cumstances around the country, we take every­thing seriously at Dick­son schools and will do everything possible to keep our students safe,” Howe said.