Part 1 of local school efforts to create a better education and experience for our hometown youth

One of the most important contributors to a widely varied and competent society and culture, is that of education. Not just the ability to pass math class, but rather having the access to keep up with the changing demands of an increasingly technological world. This is one of the challenges facing many communities today. Over the next few weeks, both our local schools will be featured as they take up the challenge of trying to meet the needs of our local youth.

Twenty years ago can seem like a very long time, but twenty years ago was the time many of my friends and myself were graduating, the world set out before us. Some of us planned to live far away, some of us did not expect we would one day find ourselves taking up the torch of helping our own hometown as adults. This past Friday found one former Plainview athlete doing just that. The Plainview Foundation Board, a not for profit organization, was founded to help supplement the educational and technological resources of Plainview students. The goal for the 2013-2014 school year is to raise $90,000.00 to provide the necessary iPads and laptops for 1st-12th grade, providing an education that keeps pace with our every changing and fast paced technological world.

Friday night was a huge step in raising money for this project.  Walking in to the Chickasaw Lake Club, tables were set with deep crimson roses paired with varigated leaf greenery, cookies iced in the colors of Plainview added a festive and fun reminder for whom this dinner was truly for...our kids, our futures. Silver platters were filled with martini glass filled with cocktail sauce and shrimp, red pepper hummus contrasted against sugar snap peas, and stuffed dates wrapped with bacon tempted the taste buds. For a moment, the display reminded me of lunch at the Dallas Museum of Art.

But they were just getting started.

As Bill Moore, PFB President spoke to supporters about the goals of this project, plates filled with beef tenderloin, creamy mushroom risotto, and burgundy mushrooms tantalized. For dessert, tangy Key Lime pie, topped with blackberries and placed upon a vibrant deep rasberry swirl across a white plate. And for those who prefer something darker...a chocolate ganache cake that I am currently eating for breakfast as I type this. It is that good.

But, the real star of this show was the passion for this project. In larger cities, they have the society pages. Pages where non profit events are reported to let folks know about the good and caring efforts, the desire to help make the playing field more balanced for every child and person. On this eve, we had a room full of people who were willing to help make this dream a reality.

And how does this eve help?

Imagine Julie, she is an imaginary future student, starting first grade. There isn't extra money in her families budget to buy the latest gadget. Except, this gadget is now as routine as a textbook in class. When Julie starts her first day, the teacher comes round, handing every student an iPad, a laptop. Every desk has one. And as they go over the care of her new technologies, Julie feels her stomache flutter with excitement. She slides her fingers along the sides eager to turn it on. And in this moment, education becomes the equalizer in a world that sometimes seems very inequal. Julie does not have to worry about going home and trying to figure out how to do her assignment because she has been given her own tools, trusted to hold and care for her own future, through the efforts of this board. And when Julie graduates, Julie has this technology to use in college.

The goal for PDF is $90,000.00 to ensure every child has this gift of equality in education. The long term goal is that upon graduation, these tools are able to graduate with the students and become their own for college as well. Whether you donate .$50 cents or $5,000.00, it all adds up. To all those who helped make this night successful, thankyou; Cafe Alley, Ten Star, Rhonda's Catering, Rikita's Flowers, Two Frogs Grill, Becky Jones Cookies, along with Alice Litteken and Sissy Twining.

Any contribution should be made to: Plainview Superintendent Office in c/o Plainview Foundation Board.