Juniors in Ardmore Girl Scout Troop 624 have earned the Bronze Award, the highest award possible for fourth and fifth-grade Scouts.

"Earning my Bronze Award means a lot to me because we got to do it together and help other people, not just ourselves," Maile Glaser said.

Before beginning their project, the girls had to complete a Journey, a series of leadership patches.

"It made me feel helpful," Skye Shepard said.

Then the troop worked together on a project to help the Ardmore Animal Shelter.

"The easiest part of doing our Bronze Award was figuring out what we wanted to do," Samantha Flowers said.

First, they organized a donation of supplies for the shelter.

"It felt good to do something for the animals," Jessica Zimmerman said.

The Juniors also volunteered in the shelter.

"My favorite part was going to the animal shelter and playing with the dogs," Alyssa Martin said.

The experience taught the Scouts about working with animals.

"It was hard to get the dogs to be still because they were hyper. We didn't walk them, they walked us," Bianca Lerma said.