Students who are attending the after school Homework Club at The Chickasaw Regional (Pub­lic) Library System were recently introduced to Brainfuse, a new database provided by the library.

Brainfuse offers a multitude of features but the “live” tutor­ing was what prompted several students to try the database re­cently.

“I had over 70 pre-algebra prob­lems to complete and I wanted to make sure they were correct,” said Courtney Davis, Plainview 8th grader.

Davis was able to enter the site at CRLS and use a white board to communicate with her “live” tutor while completing her homework.

“I would set up the problem and the tutor would show me how to work the problem,” Davis said. “I like how I was able to draw out the problem using the symbols.”

After working the problem, a tutor would check Courtney’s work.

Courtney has used Brainfuse several times since being introduced to it at CRLS.

“I use it at home and at the library,” she said. “I have used it for social stud­ies and math.”

Brainfuse highlights several elements and students may select what works for their particular needs. Live Help con­nects a student with a tutor from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Users may select a grade level and subject matter. There is also a 24/7 Center to direct questions and receive responses within 24 hours.

Other icons include: Skills Building, Writing Lab, Language Lab and a Flash Bulb icon which allows users to create and share flash cards.

Students who wish to study together can select the Collaborate sign and all will have access to the same site via the database.

“These functions on Brainfuse are a wonderful way for students to prepare for any type of assignment,” said Gail Currier, CRLS Marketing/Public Infor­mation. “We have had students come into the library on several occasions wanting help on assignments. And when the parents see what a wonderful tool this database is, they are ecstatic.”

Brainfuse offers a “Test Center” where users can take state aligned practice tests in all grade levels and subject mat­ter. It also offers national ACT and SAT practice tests in all academic fields.

“With free help like this, there is no reason a student today shouldn’t be able to obtain the materials needed to reach their personal best and be successful in their education,” Currier said.

To find out more about Brainfuse and other databases provided by CRLS, call (580) 223-3164, (888) 520-8103 or visit 601 Railway Express.