The hiring landscape facing recent college grads may be inhospitable, with an April poll showing more than half the college graduates admitting to having difficulty in finding a job. But authors Coach Micheal J. Burt and Colby B. Jubenville share tactics to help graduates create a best-odds scenario for acing interviews and landing a job.

Here’s one of them based on a show and tell strategy:

Hit the ground running. Companies want to know that you’ll add immediate value if you’re hired. That’s why it’s important for you to come to the interview not only with general ideas as to how you’d be an asset, but with at least one specific action plan for how you’d like to hit the ground running.

“Here’s an example,” Jubenville said. “While doing your homework on the company, maybe you noticed that their website is confusing, cluttered, or doesn’t clearly state what the company is trying to portray. Go into the interview with a 90-day plan to make it better. In my experience, most job candidates don’t think about their potential roles with a company in this level of detail. Doing so will set you apart in a major, memorable way.”