The Wilson Police Department, in cooperation with the Carter County Sheriff's Department, has been busy this week following leads on a runaway girl.

Police Chief Felix Hernandez said Molly Miller's parent filed a runaway report with the department Monday. The last time she had been seen by family members was June 28.

Miller, 17, has been seen in the company of Colt Haynes, 21, and Hernandez said there are indications that they are involved in a relationship. There have been unsubstantiated reports to the contrary, which have been investigated.

"There are a lot of rumors flying around, but we have followed up on them," Hernandez said. "First, we heard she had been kidnapped and tied to a tree in Love County. We went to Love County, talked to the property owners and the claimed was unsubstantiated."

Hernandez said the sheriff's department had investigated a lead that Miller and Haynes were in Ardmore. It was discovered the pair had spent the night at a residence Saturday night and left Sunday morning. Wilson police are reviewing video from Dollar General after reports surfaced the pair were seen there Tuesday night.

"We don't have any evidence she was abducted," Hernandez said.

If anyone has information regarding Miller's location, they are asked to contact the Wilson Police Department at (580) 668-2136.