An Overbrook resident has used a social media Internet site to complain that a Carter County deputy shot and killed her dog Saturday during the ongoing search for a missing Wilson teenager.

Beth Nipp told The Ardmoreite Sunday the dog belonged to her son, Clay, and his family.

"They came down to our place, about a mile-and-a-half down the road — two Carter County and one Love County deputies, and one of them said he shot the dog," Nipp said, describing the dog as a family pet.

Although she said deputies said they were searching for a Wilson teenager, reported as a runaway July 8, and were following leads as to her whereabouts, Nipp maintained, "I don't know how these rumors get started. [My son's family] already told the girl's daddy a couple of days ago they didn't know where she was. [Deputies] had no right to search private property. No one was home and the dog was not vicious. They could have used other means. If they had fired in the air, he would have run off — or sprayed him with mace."

Carter County Sheriff Ken Grace said Sunday he was aware of the Internet accusation, but said he had not been advised anyone had filed a complaint with his office regarding the incident.

"Deputies do have the right to protect themselves and others. However, I don't have all the details at this point. I will be reviewing the reports when I get to the office Monday," Grace said.

Meanwhile the search for 17-year-old Molly Miller continues. Wilson Police Chief Felix Hernandez said Friday the girl had been seen in the company of 21-year-old Colt Haynes. Anyone with information concerning Miller's or Haynes' whereabouts is urged to contact the Wilson Police Department at (580) 668-2136.