On Saturday afternoon, for a couple of hours, it felt like 1993 again.

People were cheering, clapping, reminiscing and smiling, as former athletes, coaches, families and administrators walked down memory lane to honor the tremendous success of athletics at Ardmore High School in 1992-93.

The reunion rally, which lasted around 45 minutes, was full of former faces. Each championship team was recognized and given a warm ovation, jokes were told and former head football coach/athletic director Ronnie Tipps gave one of his patented motivational speeches.

"I've been to five more schools and I promise you that nothing compares to what that class accomplished," Tipps said.

Six state championships and four more academic state titles. It was a time to remember, but to also recollect.

"It's been great, being able to see all of our old teammates and friends within the other sports, too," said David Wong, one half of Ardmore's No. 1 doubles state championship in 1993. "It was really neat to see what everyone has been able to accomplish with their families and their new careers."

Of course, following the rally, everyone stuck around to catch up.

"You go off into the world and you never see any of these people, so it's been good to be able to see their faces again and talk to everyone," said Chris Galland, who won state with boys tennis and individually in wrestling. "I love it. It's just great to see everybody."

For such a close group of classmates and teammates that aren't around each other as much, this weekend had been circled on the calendar for some time.

"This was fabulous," said Jill Roberts Falvey, who played on the 1993 state championship girls basketball team and currently teaches at Ardmore Middle School. "I've been excited about it all summer long. A lot of people from our class went far away and we hadn't seen each other since the cap and gown went off."

So for most, it was a way to reunite. But for others, it was an afternoon of watching.

Ardmore head football coach/athletic director Douglas Wendel and about twenty members of his football team sat and watched the rally, hoping to learn from the tradition the class of '93 established.

"This was one of the reasons I wanted this job," Wendel said. "I grew up watching all of them when I was a freshman at Oklahoma State. I watched the snow game. All through growing up, I was watching Ardmore win at everything. It's why I believed and still do believed that this is one of the best jobs in the state."

"This is what makes you want to be a champion," said senior defensive lineman Darius Lawson. "Seeing all of the titles they won in one year just makes us want to bring one home."

Rally emcee Cliff Cotton Jr., who's father coached the girls basketball title team in 1992-1993, took the audience through a journey from the beginning of the 1992-1993 sports year to its triumphant end.

It was a journey that few schools, if any, have ever taken in state history.

"There are entire towns in the state that have never won six state titles in the history of the town," Cotton said. "They did it in one school year, and they did it in a large class.

"It really speaks to the depth of the entire class, and the character of the kids in this class."

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