A barking dog got the last word Tuesday when a local woman took matters into her own hands rather than reporting the noise disturbance.

According to Ardmore Police Department reports, officers responded shortly after 11 a.m. to a shots-fired complaint in the 1500 block of Wildewood Drive. A witness told officers a woman screamed "shut up!" just seconds before three shots were heard.

The subsequent investigation identified the screamer as a neighbor. The woman wasn't armed with a weapon, but she did admit to being responsible for what sounded like gunfire. The woman said she had set off a series of fireworks.

The reason for the midday illegal use of firecrackers?

She said she was attempting to quiet the reporting party's dog, which was barking and disturbing her peace. The woman was cited for discharging fireworks within city limits.

What about the dog and its owner?

No citations were issued.