Relief is coming in the way of congestion on Broadway Street, as the Oklahoma Department of Transportation has nearly completed its road project. Ardmore city engineer Wayne Busma says some aspects of the project have yet to be completed, such as striping, but the finish line is in sight.

As part of the project, Busma says the city is going to mill and overlay E Street between Main Street and Broadway.

"We are also going to do a little bit of work on 3rd Street and R Street SE," Busma explains. "We are also nearly done on 4th Street. We only need to put in the center line and stripe the road, and some minor work like a sidewalk by the church on the road."

The city is also performing some work, which is designed to give a facelift to some parts of the city. One project on which the city is working is a parking lot by the Red Dirt Brewhouse in the downtown area.

"We are putting in curbing and sidewalks around it," Busma says. "We are going to identify some of the parking areas in town to make them a little better and, hopefully, enhance some parts of town."

Because of the weather change, the majority of significant projects have come to an end for the season. Instead, the city will focus on upkeep and repair work.

"We have to watch the weather," Busma concedes. "It's a lot closer to winter now, and it's getting that time of year where if you open something up, it takes more time for the soil to recover. We have to be more careful of what we open up and what we take on at one time.

"For the street department, this is the time of the year we will crack and seal some of the streets."