A joint six-month investigation ended Thursday when officers with Ardmore Police Department's Narcotics Division and Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics agents began serving arrests warrants, netting five of 12 people wanted on distribution of controlled dangerous substance charges.

Sgt. Keith Ingle, APD Narcotics Division, said shortly after noon Thursday that the round up had also resulted in the execution of a search warrant at a residence located in the 500 block of 5th Avenue NW.

"Marijuana and stolen property was recovered from the house," Ingle said.

Those arrested on outstanding warrants were:

Carol Douglas — distribution of crack cocaineJames Douglas — distribution of crack cocaine.Josh Murph — distribution of cocaineShane Williams — distribution of methamphetamineStephanie Wilson — distribution of methamphetamineAll five are detained at the Carter County Detention Center. Court documents indicate all five have prior criminal histories.

The five are expected to make initial court appearances in Carter County District Court today.

Ingle said arrest warrants have also been issued for the following:

Gregory CarsonQuinton EppsBryant FrenchCatina GrahamBilly GranthamCortez HoustonNicole Wilson"Photos of those seven people have been issued to members of the (APD) patrol division, and they are actively being sought," Ingle said.

Anyone with information concerning the whereabouts of any of the seven are encouraged to contact police headquarters at (580) 223-1212.

Ingle credited the success of the long-term investigation to the cooperative effort between agencies.

"It's great to collectively work these kinds of cases with OBN. Cooperation between agencies means additional manpower. Additional manpower not only means more people, but more hours that can be devoted to developing these kinds of cases. Ultimately, it does exactly what we are trying to do, and that's take drugs off the streets of Ardmore," he said.

Ingle urged anyone who notices suspicious activity, such as increased come-and-go traffic in their neighborhoods or around their places of business, to contact APD Narcotics Division at (580) 226-9712.

"We take each call seriously, and we urge citizens to join with us in eliminating illegal drug sources from the community," he said.