Just hours after the U.S. Marshal's Service entered the search Tuesday for Conn Nipp, the Overbrook man was taken into custody by Love County Sheriff Joe Russell.

Capt. Ronnie Hampton, commander Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troop F, Ardmore, confirmed Nipp's arrest shortly after 2 p.m.

"He's being booked into the Carter County Detention Center right now," Hampton told The Ardmoreite, adding the U.S. Marshal's Service had been "making inquiries" into Nipp's whereabouts in both the Ringling and Leon areas throughout the day. Hampton said Nipp's relatives in both Carter and Love counties were being encouraged to provide information concerning where the 22-year-old man was hiding.

Calling Nipp's arrest "very peaceful," Russell said, "One of his family members called and said he was wanting to turn himself in and wanted to know if I would come and get him. I pulled up. He came out and got in my pickup."

A warrant for Nipp's arrest was issued Friday after District Attorney Craig Ladd filed a felony charge of endangering others while eluding/attempting to elude a police officer in Carter County District Court. The charge, based on affidavits filed by OHP, concerns a high-speed chase that began in Wilson July 7 and is connected to the disappearance of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes. Both Miller and Haynes were reportedly passengers in the 2012 Honda Accord Nipp was driving at the time he eluded Wilson police during a high-speed pursuit that crossed the Carter/Love county line.

The wrecked Honda was found in Love County two weeks later. But the high-speed chase was the last time the missing Wilson teenager and Haynes were seen. OHP launched a hit-and-run investigation in early September to determine who was in the car and who was driving at the time the vehicle crashed. Both the Carter and Love County Sheriff's Departments and Wilson police were already investigating the disappearance of Miller and Haynes. The investigation has also included Lighthorse police, OSBI and the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

By 5 p.m. Tuesday, Nipp was once again a free man after posting a $10,000 bond. However, he is expected to make an initial appearance in district court within the next few days.

Nipp is not the only person facing charges in the case. Sabrina "Shelby" Graham, 32, Lone Grove, is charged with a felony making a false insurance claim and a misdemeanor making a false police report. Nipp was driving Graham's car during the high-speed pursuit. But in an alleged attempt to shield Nipp, Graham told police he had returned her car and it was subsequently stolen from her residence.

Graham was arrested on a warrant Friday. She made an initial court appearance Monday and posted bond pending the outcome of the case. A preliminary hearing conference is set for Feb. 18.