In a recent survey of 1,000 American adults 62 percent said they think winter has been worse in their area this year than in recent years. That’s nearly double the number of adults who said the same at the end of December 2010 but little changed from sentiments measured the previous winter season.

31 percent say this winter in their area hasn’t been worse than past years.

45 percent say their hometown has experienced a heavy snowstorm this winter.

66 percent rate the way local authorities deal with major storms where they live as good or excellent, while 6 percent say their local authorities do a poor job reacting to major storms.

When asked if global warming is causing an increase in the number of major storms and unusually cold weather in many parts of the country, 41 percent of adults say yes, 40 percent say no and 19 percent are not sure.

Still, the number who thinks global warming is to blame for the severe winter weather is up from 32 percent three years ago.