For Lone Grove vocal music students, a concert typically takes place off school grounds at a church in Ardmore.

For band students, concerts are held in the district's gym.

Each day, high school art students walk four-tenths of a mile to the district's art classroom, located in a metal building the furthest on campus.

Lone Grove Superintendent Todd Garrison said if a $3.15 million bond issue is passed by school district voters this month, students could see a new fine arts facility built with a 1,100-seat auditorium, art classroom and vocal music classroom.

In 2008, Lone Grove voters passed a bond issue of just less than $10 million to finance a handful of construction projects throughout the district, including the expansion of the elementary school cafeteria and building the high school gym.

One project remains — building the district's auditorium.

Garrison said the proposed bond would expand the current auditorium project. An additional 500 seats to the auditorium have been added to the project, along with a larger stage, a vocal music classroom, practice rooms, an art classroom and more than 200 parking spots.

"This is going to fill several needs," Garrison said. "The focus has been on the additional 500 seats. That is a small portion. We do have a little over $2 million in remaining funds. This is to dovetail in with what we have currently.

"This adds much-needed parking for both the auditorium and the gym. We have a need for the art room being closer to the high school. It will be a really nice facility. We will be able to finish out these original projects with no increase in taxes and with a two-year additional pay off."

Garrison said the bond wouldn't increase property taxes. Instead, the district will continue to make debt payments until 2023. The 2008 bond is slated to be paid off in 2021.

Garrison said the proposed auditorium will be built to the south side of the gym on the high school and middle school campus, located along Meridian Road. The building will mirror the exterior of the gym and high school building. The auditorium will connect to the gym, and the gym's main entrance will serve as the main entrance for the auditorium.

The auditorium will be a district facility and used by all schools. Elementary plays and music performances will be held at the auditorium, as well as middle and high school vocal, band and jazz concerts. School assemblies, district-wide training and meetings, baccalaureate ceremonies and drama performances are just some of the many events that could be held at the facility, Garrison said.

With no auditorium facility at the district, Garrison said organizations use the high school cafeteria, which has a stage. The facility only seats 500, and there is no way to change sets on the stage.

Some fine arts organizations have looked to other venues outside the district. Local churches in Ardmore have served as the locations for some vocal music programs.

"That takes our patrons out of our home community," Garrison said. "One of the churches seats about 600, and it is standing room only. It is packed."

The auditorium project, as part of the 2008 bond, called for 600 seats.

Garrison said that size facility will not meet the needs of attendance at many school events or accommodate the district as student population grows.

Garrison said there will be close to 100 students in the band program next fall. A new facility would help expand other fine arts programs, such as jazz band and a drama program.

A 1,100-seat auditorium could be used by outside groups, Garrison said. State and district music competitions and programs could be held in the auditorium, bringing people from outside the area into Lone Grove and Ardmore.

"This would give us the opportunity to host different events," said Garrison. "Being tied into the gym, we have locker rooms available for dressing and things of that nature."

In August 2012, a similar bond issue was proposed to Lone Grove voters. The $3.22 million bond failed with less than 20 votes. The bond issue covered an increase in size to the auditorium project and more parking spots.

Garrison says the district has hosted community meetings to explain the bond issue to parents and voters. He said most questions from voters concern taxes and the need for a 1,100-seat auditorium at the high school.

His response is there is no tax implications and the facility will be used district-wide, for a variety of uses. The project also includes new fine arts classrooms and increased parking options for the campus, Garrison said.

If approved by Lone Grove voters on Feb. 11, Garrison said construction would begin in August and is expected to last a year.

To ask questions on the bond issue or on the projects, Garrison encourages voters to contact the district office at (580) 657-3131.

Garrison will present the bond as discussion at the Carter County Republicans Party meeting at 6 p.m. Monday.