Tips to Match Your Skills with a Worthy Cause

This time of year brings out the generosity and giving spirit of others. Many feel the need to volunteer their time in their local community at food banks, shelters and other types of charities. Before making any decisions, the Oklahoma Society of CPAs, recommends asking the organization these questions to help develop a big-picture view of the organization and your role as a volunteer:

What is the timeline for the volunteer project or position?

How much of the work is performed by volunteers versus the organization’s employees? While volunteers are a vital part of many charities, there are times work should be performed, or at least supervised, by a paid employee. Ask what kinds of tasks will be assigned and make sure you’re comfortable with what you’ll be doing.

Is there a fee to volunteer? Be wary if an organization asks you to pay them in order to volunteer.

Is there an expectation of a financial commitment to the organization? Some nonprofit organizations expect board members (and perhaps other volunteers) to make annual contributions.